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Inland has developed and maintains a high level of customer trust and satisfaction by providing clients with informed and careful attention to details concerning environmental compliance, health and safety issues.  

Inland Environmental understands the sensitive nature of our commercial client needs and through our depth of experience, empower you with conservative and best practice science and regulatory based objective solutions to address your concerns or compliance requirements

Inland provides accredited and licensed inspection, analysis and reporting for the identification of a wide range of toxic/regulated environmental contaminants including but not limited to:

  • Asbestos Containing Materials

  • Lead and Lead Based Paint

  • Mold, Fungus, Allergens

  • Formaldehyde

  • Chinese Drywall

  • Nuisance Dust

  • Volatile and Semi-volatile Contaminants

  • Heavy Metals

Typically our services are provided for the purpose of demonstrating regulatory compliance or to determine the potential sources of risk-based environmental health exposures relating to:

  • Drinking Water Quality

  • Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality

  • Building Water Intrusion and Moisture (Mold) Sources

  • Surface/Subsurface Soils Investagations and Analysis

  • Groundwater Investagations

In the event sources are identified, we can provide cost effective remedies to remediate the source of the environmental issues.



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