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Inland Environmental Remedial Services Inc. is a diversified environmental service provider offering a wide range of professional and technical expertise dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients

Inland Environmental Remedial Services, INC.  was founded on the principle of providing strong program management utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to provide solutions to complex environmental problems.  This concept allows Inland to form a comprehensive Project Team using both internal and external resources to develop and implement investigative and remedial strategies specific to each project.  The Inland staff represents professionals who have gained recognition for providing high quality and cost-effective services to clients.  We offer a broad range of environmental engineering and management services.  Inland’s services are primarily directed at the management of asbestos, lead, mold, solid and liquid hazardous waste, and soil and groundwater quality.  Inland was originally founded in 1985 and since then we have continuously met our clients’ needs over a diverse service base of residential, commercial, industrial, government, and municipal projects within the Midwest and on a national and international basis.

David J. Frycek

Mr. Frycek has over 30 years of experience at all levels of corporate and project management applied to site assessments, hazardous waste investigations, research and development, and the implementation of conventional and alternative remedial technologies. His extensive experience in program development and alternative biological and chemical soil and groundwater remedial applications has supported Inland's capabilities and operations protocol, from the point of conceptual design through full-scale site implementation. His extensive management experience includes administering site assessments and investigations for asbestos related programs, RCRA and UST closures, and corrective actions plan management.

As the President of Inland, he is directly responsible for the procurement of contracts, oversight and direction of Inlands operations and objectives in providing customers valuable practical benefits through Inland's services and products. Mr. Frycek is also responsible for the oversight of each team that implements Inland's services insuring that process are properly implemented to meet the requirements and compliances associated with state and federal environmental regulations. He has dealt with government, municipal and private sectors for the past 27 years. Mr. Frycek received his formal education in business management from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and holds a number of current environmental certifications and licenses including asbestos inspection, project management, supervisor, air quality sampling, lead inspection and risk assessment, UST decommissioning, radiation monitoring, measurement and safety, contaminant distribution computer modeling.  

Patricia Ungaro
Assistant to the President

Ms. Ungaro has over 29 years experience in the areas of administration, project management, and technical support. Ms. Ungaro serves as Technical Editor for Inland and supports the professional staff in preparation and editing of presentations, marketing materials, project coordination, and report preparation. Her duties include coordinating client deliverables and reports, as well as the preparation of letters, and other technical documentation. Prior to working for Inland, Ms Ungaro served over two years in the project management/customer relations department and fifteen years as the lead office administrator for a local environmental laboratory. Ms. Ungaro Majored in Office administration and support for four years in High School and continued her formal education/training in office administration and management at McCormack Junior College located in Elmhurst, Illinois.  

D. Cyle Frycek
Project Manager & Cost Estimates

Mr. Frycek has over 10 years of experience in the areas of environmental sciences, remediation operations, site monitoring and construction. He has been a member of Inland's team for over 10 years and has managed Inland's Asbestos Abatement Division for the past 7 years.  Mr. Frycek is also skilled in multiple aspects of the services provided by Inland. He is a certified Licensed Asbestos Inspector and Abatement Supervisor within the state of Illinois along with other certifications including but not limited to 40-hour OSHA HAZWOPER, UST/AST Removal Operations, and LEAD safety.

Mr. Frycek is also responsible for providing estimates and the procurement of contracts, while providing customers valuable practical benefits through Inland's services and products to meet their needs.  Mr. Frycek's is a skilled in providing strong site management programs for insuring that projects meet regulatory requirements and compliance associated with local, state, and federal environmental regulations, with emphasis on attention to safety concerns.  His duties also include the selection of qualified field personnel for the requirements of each project. 

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